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HBHEF has emailed out the 2013 donation receipt on Jan 31st for the donors who made any donations to HBHEF in 2013. Please check out your mailbox for the email titled "HBHEF 2013 Donation Receipt" and dated on Jan 31st of 2014 and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. (1/31/2014)

HBHEF has distributed the 2013 Fall semester donation funds to the sponsored students on Nov 4th 2013. Thanks for your generous support! Please visit our website to see updates or read the letters your sponsored students may have written to you(11/4/2013).

HBHEF has sent out the renewal notice on Aug 27th, 2013 to the donors who started their sponsorship from the Fall semester. Please make your best efforts to continue your sponsorship by sending us a check or pay online(8/27/2013).

HBHEF distributed the 2013 Spring semester donation funds to the needy students on April 4th 2013. Please visit our website to see updates or read the letters your sponsored students may have written to you.(4/4/2013)

Due to the low USD-RMB exchange rate, the donation for each student has be increased in US dollars. When HBHEF was founded in 2006, the USD to RMB was around 1 to 8.2 and now is only about 1 to 6.2. The per-student donation amount now is

    Elementary student: $60 per year (previously $50 per year)
    Middle school student: $100 per year (previously $80 per year)
    High school student: $160 per year (previously $130 per year)

Dear friends,

Education is a treasure of unequaled value that is necessary for success in the global economy as well as for spiritual fulfillment. This treasure is considered a human right in many parts of the world but in others, such as remote and rural areas in China, it is only available for the privileged few. The mission of the Hand By Hand Education Foundation (HBHEF) is to give children who are not so privileged the opportunity to continue their education despite financial troubles. From 2006 to 2012, HBHEF has sponsored over 1300 students from the eight poorest counties in Hebei Province, Guizhou Province, the earthquake-stricken Sichuan Province, as well as a poor county in Zhejiang Province.

For just $60 (elementary school), $100 (middle school), or $160 (high school) per year, you can give a child the gift of education. Please consider choosing a child from our list of students needing sponsors. You can even correspond through letters with him/her on a one-on-one basis!

The HBHEF is a nonprofit charity organization registered in the State of Michigan. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has approved the tax exempt 501(c)(3) status of the HBHEF, meaning that all your donations to the HBHEF will be tax deductible. 100% of your contributions will go to the students; all working staff of HBHEF are volunteers receiving no compensation. They not only contribute time and energy, but also cover the operating expenses of the foundation. If you have any questions regarding the HBHEF and what you can do to help support the great cause of education, please feel free to contact Meiling Gao at or call 734-837-6896. If you are a student and are interested in sponsoring similar aged needy students or if you are willing to reach out to your friends, please contact youth director Michael Zhou at

The HBHEF and the children of China thank you in advance for your compassion and support. Together, we can give children the education they need to empower them to engage with the world. And remember, kids of the developed world, to appreciate the power to make a difference that your education has given you.